Table 8

Univariate analysis of SGRQ-improved versus non-improved participants among early quitters and continuous smokers

Improved (n=109)Non-improved (n=141)p Value
Male sex66 (60.6)99 (70.2)0.110
Age, year59.2±12.062.2±12.20.055
Cigarettes smoked daily, N24.1±13.222.8±11.90.407
Duration of smoking, year36.9±13.140.0±12.70.060
Brinkman Index885.7±591.5905.0±564.30.792
TDS score8.1±1.57.3±1.6<0.001
Baseline exhaled CO, ppm13.6±9.314.3±9.70.542
Changes in exhaled CO, ppm−9.6±9.2−9.6±9.30.985
Body mass index, kg/m223.0±4.823.2±4.20.729
Baseline FEV1, % predicted73.2±21.877.9±18.40.068
Baseline FVC, % predicted81.0±18.684.8±14.90.078
FEV1/FVC, %73.5±13.774.6±11.90.529
Changes in FEV1, L0.05±0.280.03±0.210.580
Treated by varenicline44 (40.4)53 (37.6)0.655
Quitter64 (58.2)92 (65.3)0.291
Mental disorder36 (33.0)35 (24.8)0.155
Diabetes mellitus19 (17.4)27 (19.2)0.728
Cardiovascular disease23 (21.1)27 (19.2)0.702
COPD23 (21.0)23 (16.3)0.334
Bronchial asthma16 (14.7)11 (7.8)0.084
Cancer6 (5.5)12 (8.5)0.356
  • Data are presented as number (%) or mean±SD.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity; SGRQ, St. George's Respiratory Questionnaire; TDS, Tobacco Dependence Screener test.