Table 1

A summary of studies reporting the rate of IPC-related pleural infection (in chronological order)

Number of IPCsReported rate of pleural infection (%)Other comments
Putnam et al351005MPE
Van den Toorn et al361712MPE
Murthy et al37631.7MPE (83%)
Tremblay et al92503.2MPE
Warren et al222312.2MPE
Sioris et al38515.8MPE
Morel et al32*829MPE
Bertolaccini et al39900MPE
Davies et al7529.6MPE
Hunt et al40591.7MPE
Fysh et al123410.8MPE
Mekhaiel et al312626.1MPE
Srour et al17430Cardiac effusions
Bhatnagar et al16573.5Benign effusions
Ost et al212661MPE
Rial et al41503.6MPE
Bibby et al286723.7MPE
Gilbert et al342255.8MPE
Gilbert et al30917.7 (2.2% mortality)MPE from haematological malignancies
  • *Twenty-three patients in this study received chemotherapy with IPC in situ; no difference in infection rate.

  • †The overall infection rate was 6.1%, which included 5.2% from those who received chemotherapy and 7.9% from the non-chemotherapy group.

  • IPC, indwelling pleural catheter; MPE, malignant pleural effusion.