Table 1

Survey responses in flu vaccinated and unvaccinated National Health Service (NHS) staff

Survey statement (1—strongly agree, 5—strongly disagree)Vaccinated median (IQR) (n=2073)Unvaccinated group median (IQR) (n=986)Multivariate logistic regression (p value)
It was easy for me to get the flu vaccine where I work1 (1–2)2 (1–3)<0.001
Flu vaccination for staff is seen as important where I work2 (1–2)2 (2–3)0.48
The flu vaccine will protect me from getting flu2 (1–2)3 (2–4)<0.001
I am confident advising patients about the flu vaccination2 (2–3)3 (2–4)0.01
Having the flu vaccination sets a good example to patients2 (1–2)3 (2–4)0.04
The flu vaccination will make me unwell4 (4–5)3 (2–4)<0.001*
I am likely to come to work even if I am unwell2 (2–3)2 (2–4)0.02
I think flu vaccination should be mandatory for NHS staff2 (2–4)4 (3–5)0.02
My line manager encouraged me to get vaccinated2 (2–4)3 (2–4)0.001
I worry that the flu vaccination will cause serious side effects4 (4–5)3 (2–4)0.54
Getting a flu vaccination is too much trouble for me5 (4–5)4 (4–4)<0.001*
It is important to help colleagues by not being off work with flu2 (1–2)2 (2–3)0.03
I am put off having flu vaccination by fear of needles5 (4–5)5 (4–5)0.25
I cannot have flu vaccination because I am allergic5 (4–5)5 (4–5)0.88
People working in healthcare should have the flu vaccination every year2 (1–2)3 (2–4)<0.001*
The flu vaccine will protect my family from getting flu2 (2–3)3 (2–4)0.03
The flu vaccine will protect patients from getting flu2 (1–2)2 (2–3)0.01
Flu is a serious disease2 (1–2)2 (2–3)0.96
I am at risk of getting flu2 (1–3)3 (2–4)<0.001
  • The p values are shown for multivariate logistic regression that had an r2 of 0.60 for the association between survey variables and having had the flu vaccination. Variables with p≤0.01 from the logistic regression were then entered into a stepwise model, with those retained marked by *.