Table 1

Summary of question results

What is your role? (n=65)
 Consultant physician5382
 Consultant surgeon12
 Specialty trainee711
 Specialty trainee (other specialty)00
 Foundation trainee00
 Lung physiologist12
 Respiratory nurse23
Where is your main place of work? (n=63)
 Secondary care—DGH3048
 Secondary care—teaching hospital3352
Are you the COPD lead for your organisation? (n=64)
I have referred a patient for consideration of LVRS within the past 12 months (n=63)
 Not applicable23
If ‘yes’, approximately how many patients have you referred for LVRS in the past 12 months? (n=45)
 More than 637
 Not known12
I know how to refer patients for LVRS (n=63)
 Not sure12
Do you have a specific MDT meeting to discuss the management of patients with advanced COPD? (n=64)
 Not known00
 Not applicable12
Does the thoracic surgical service you use have an MDT to discuss potential LVRS patients? (n=63)
 Not known1422
 Not applicable12
How far away is the nearest LVRS service? (estimate) (n=64)
 On site1727
 Less than 20 miles away2641
 Between 20 and 40 miles away812
 Over 40 miles away1219
 Not known12
What do you estimate the 30 day mortality is following LVRS? (n=63) (%)
 Not known1727
What proportion of patients do you think would still be in hospital 30 days following LVRS? (n=65) (%)
 Not known1828
Which group of patients derive the most benefit from LVRS? (n=65)
 Homogeneous emphysema, low exercise capacity1015
 Homogeneous emphysema, high exercise capacity35
 Heterogeneous emphysema, low exercise capacity4163
 Heterogeneous emphysema, high exercise capacity1218
 Not known33
CT scanning may be indicated for haemoptysis, recurrent exacerbations or to investigate hypoxia, looking at pulmonary arteries or for interstitial fibrosis. Excluding these specific indications, do you think a CT of the thorax is indicated routinely in patients with an FEV1 <50% predicted? (n=65)
 Strongly agree46
 Neither agree nor disagree1523
 Strongly disagree46
Various bronchoscopic techniques which are intended for lung volume reduction are being developed—which option best applies to your organisation? (n=63)
 We currently offer bronchoscopic lung volume reduction813
 We intend to offer bronchoscopic lung volume reduction1321
 We have no plans to offer bronchoscopic lung volume reduction3759
 Not applicable35
 Not known23
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; DGH, district general hospital; LVRS, lung volume reduction surgery; MDT, multidisciplinary team.