Table 1

Patient characteristics and clinical outcome

Study no.AgeSexPrimary/secondaryPrior PTXTime drain in situ/until VATS (days)Time on device (days)Outcome
146FPrimary021No recurrence
250MSecondary1 (2010)231No recurrence
363MSecondary1 (2005)3029No recurrence
Died of respiratory failure
465MSecondary0141No recurrence.
2 drains fell out
550MSecondary021No recurrence
659MSecondary2 (2012 ×2)22No recurrence
742MPrimary095VATS as inpatient
848MSecondary064No recurrence
933MPrimary032No recurrence
1027MPrimary075No recurrence
1164MSecondary1 (2012)927No recurrence following valve insertion
1238MSecondary3 (2011)85Inpatient VATS
1370MSecondary0117No recurrence died of laryngeal cancer
  • PTX, pneumothorax; VATS, video assisted thoracoscopic surgery