Table 2

Age, and obesity indices

VariableMeanSDRange (0–100%)Correlation to BE (p value)Correlation to PaCO2 (p value)
Age (years)52.08.926–74+0.06 (0.63)+0.17 (0.17)
Weight (kg)136.329.577.8–229+0.19 (0.11)+0.18 (0.13)
BMI (kg/m2)47.29.832.3–73.9+0.20 (0.09)+0.21 (0.08)
Neck (cm)46.54.838–58+0.15 (0.22)+0.28 (0.02)
Waist (cm)134.820.9102–180+0.21 (0.08)+0.22 (0.07)
Hip (cm)133.920.2101–177+0.18 (0.13)+0.18 (0.15)
Impedance (ohms)382.386.9194–704−0.18 (0.15)−0.27 (0.03)
Visceral adipose tissue mass (kg)3.421.171.31–5.64+0.50 (0.001)+0.36 (0.02)
  • Mean (SD) for variables in the ‘distribution of fat’ domain, with range (0–100%). The obesity measures shown are those exhibiting the highest correlations with BE and PaCO2 (p values in brackets). There were no other significant correlations between obesity measures and either BE or PaCO2. Note, visceral adipose tissue estimates from DXA were only available for participants with BMI ≤40, n=43.

  • BE, base excess; BMI, body mass index; DXA, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry; PaCO2, arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide.