Table 3

Exercise, asthma control and asthma quality of life levels by quartiles of LTPA

No exerciseQuartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4Trend
LTPA, Mean±SD (range) (MET-h/week)0±01.0±0.4 (0.1–1.7)2.8±0.7 (1.8–4.2)7.1±1.9 (4.3–10.9)20.1±8.9 (11.1–48.1)
Total ACQ score† (0–6)1.100.921.030.920.84p=0.037
Predicted good control*Ref0.87 (0.38–2.00)0.98 (0.43–2.22)0.84 (0.37–1.91)2.47 (1.06–5.73)
Total AQLQ score† (1–7)
  • Bolding indicates values that are statistically significant.

  • All analyses adjusted for age, sex, ICS dose and season recruited in.

  • *Good control=ACQ score ≤0.8.

  • †As the analyses were conducted using multiple imputation, it is not appropriate to include SDs with the mean scores.

  • ACQ, asthma control questionnaire; AQLQ, asthma quality of life questionnaire; ICS, inhaled corticosteroid; LTPA, leisure time physical activity; MET, metabolic equivalent.