Table 3

Re-appraisal Interval: time between first noticing a symptom to first consultation and first consultation until referral to specialist respiratory services, by time intervals (ordered by first TTP)

Time from noticing a symptom to first consultation (TTP) (days)Time from first consultation to referral (Re-appraisal) (days)Number of consultationsType of referralGender and ageDiagnosis or lung cancer staging (T N M)*
Diagnosed with cancer
 13602UrgentM, 75–79IB 0 0
 27142UrgentM, 75–79IV 2 IA
 321142UrgentM, 65–69IV 2 IA
 449352UrgentM, 80–84IIA I 0
 5501024UrgentF, 70–74IV 3 IA
 6901334UrgentF, 55–59IIB 0 0
Diagnosed with other conditions
 72283RoutineF, 45–49Nil abnormal detected
 82354RoutineF, 50–54Emphysema
 971823NAF, 80–84Interstitial pneumonia
 1014803RoutineF, 50–54Asthma
 1115632UrgentF, 55–59Emphysema
 12301384UrgentF, 65–69Eosinophilic bronchitis
 1360102UrgentM, 55–59Tracheobronchitis and GORD
 1460343NAF, 55–59Seasonal allegoric rhinitis
 1560602RoutineM, 55–59COPD
 161201264RoutineF, 40–44Erythema suggestive of GORD
  • *T=tumour size; N=Regional lymph; M=Distant metastasis; Stage of cancer is indicative of whether treatment will be curative in intent.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; F, female; GORD, Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease; M, male; NA, not applicable; TTP, time to presentation.