Table 2

Univariate and multivariate analysis of clinical parameters to differentiate between reactive and pathological lymphadenopathy

Clinical factorMeasureOR*95% CIp Value
Univariate analysis
 AgeYears1.071.04 to 1.110.00004
 SexM:F1.930.84 to 4.410.12
 EthnicityWhite British vs other4.651.76 to 12.260.002
 SymptomsYes:no1.560.47 to 5.160.46
Mean (no)0.840.57 to 1.240.39
Weight loss (yes:no)0.160.05 to 0.470.001
Fevers (yes:no)0.100.02 to 0.450.003
 Comorbidity≥1 (yes:no)27.869.49 to 81.77<0.000001
 Lymph nodesNumber of stations enlarged0.730.54 to 0.990.041
Mean diameter largest0.690.59 to 0.79<0.000001
Multivariate analysis
 AgeYears1.071.01 to 1.130.033
 Comorbidity≥1 (yes:no)9.492.20 to 41.040.003
 Lymph nodesMean diameter largest0.700.59 to 0.830.00004
  • *Likelihood of reactive lymphadenopathy.