TableĀ 2

Associations between BMI and prevalence of allergic symptoms, SPT positivity and EIA in univariate analysis (N=6733)

VariablesNormal weight
High BMI
p Value
Lifetime wheezing (%)19.918.20.184
Past-year wheezing (%)
Lifetime asthma (%)9.810.20.607
Past-year asthma (%)
Lifetime AR (%)12.913.10.828
Past-year AR (%)64.467.20.243
Lifetime eczema (%)25.825.00.580
Past-year eczema (%)
SPT positivity (%)
  • AR, allergic rhinitis; BMI, body mass index; EIA, exercise-induced asthma; SPT, skin-prick test; %, proportion within BMI.