Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of children and their associations with BMI (N=6733)

VariablesNormal weight (N=5316)High BMI (N=1417)p Value
Age (%), years<0.001
Gender (male, %)49.350.50.440
Weight in kg (m±SD)33.18±5.2047.36±8.37<0.001
Height in metres (m±SD)1.40±0.071.45±0.07<0.001
Passive smoking (%)48.451.70.046
Family history of allergic diseases (%)39.838.80.498
Breastfeeding (%)
Day care outside the home (%)29.927.50.103
Place of residence (%)0.009
 North of France48.151.9
 South of France51.948.1
Number of siblings (%)0.910
 No siblings47.847.6
 1–2 siblings46.246.6
 ≥3 siblings6.05.7
  • BMI, body mass index; m±SD, mean±SD; %, proportion within BMI.