Table 2

Comprehension of p16 educational material at baseline assessment

VariablesAll participants (N=35)Non-methylated participants (N=28)Methylated participants (N=7)
Understanding of p16 function P16 is a: (gene)298322797100
Smokers with the p16 switch off have more lung cells copied than normal (true)30862589571
Smokers are less likely than non-smokers to have the p16 gene turned off (false)17491243571
Whether a person gets lung cancer involves more than p16 (true)288021757100
Smokers who have more lung cancer cells being made than normal are at higher risk for getting lung cancer (true)30862486686
P16 can tell you how hard it would be for you to quit smoking (false)288021757100
If your p16 switch is turned on, you can still get lung cancer due to your smoking (true)308623827100
Getting the p16 test can tell you if you now have lung cancer (false)16469327100
Understanding of risk associated with p16 methylation*3.71 (2.48)3.96 (2.47)2.71 (2.43)
What do you think your p16 test will show (higher risk group)†27772175686
  • *Results based on a seven-point scale with higher scores indicating higher perceived risk.

  • †One participant did not answer this question and so totals do not equal 35.