Table 4

Smoking behaviour and desire to quit

All (N=24)Accurate recall (N=17)Methylated all (N=7)
Effect of test result on motivation to quit smoking at first follow-up
 Less likely to quit000000
 No change521318228
 More likely to quit16671377457
 No cigarette in 7 days31316114
Have you tried to stop for 24 h since you entered study
 First follow-up
 Second follow-up
Desire to quit* N (SD)
 Baseline5.6 (1.7)N/A5.7 (1.5)
 First follow-up5.9 (1.23)6.1 (1.05)5.4 (1.62)
 Second follow-up6.0 (1.47)6.2 (1.09)5.0 (2.0)
  • *Results based on a seven-point scale with seven representing a strong desire to quit.