TableĀ 2

Selection of factors contributing to the core statistical model

ResponseCore model (Hobart) HS predictorsEquivocal (0.05<p<0.10)NS
AsthmaICD, DoW, month, yearRelHumEpiind, Temp, Press, Wind run
BronchsICD, month, yearDoW, EpiindTemp, Press, RelHum, Wind run
COPDICD, DoW, month, yearEpiind, Temp, Press, RelHum, Wind run
  • ICD, Epiind: indicators for the disease coding change and an apparent episode of an epidemic; Month, Year: temporal factors; Wind run: a measure of wind speed.

  • Bronchs, bronchitis/bronchiolitis; DoW: day of week; HS, significant; ICD, International Classification of Diseases; NS, not significant; Press, air pressure; RelHum, relative humidity; Temp, mean air temperature.