Table 1

Monitor function testing over 84 days

ActionDay 0Days 5, 6, 8, 9Days 7, 14 and 21Day 28Day 56Day 84
Attachment of SmartTurbo to a Symbicort turbuhaler prior to any inhaler actuationsXX*X*
Initial screen of monitorX
Low-use actuationsXXXXXX
High-use actuationsXXXX
Storage of electronic data for 28-day periodX
Upload of data to website following and on the same day as inhaler actuationsXXXXX
Upload of data obtained on day 56X
Comparison of uploaded website data to diary data†XXXXX
Comparison of website data to diary data timeXXXXX
Monitor battery charge checkX
  • Testing may occur ±1 day.

  • *Previous inhaler removed on same day.

  • †Recording of any missed actuations or spurious actuations.