Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

Clinical characteristicsn=275
Age at diagnosis, years61.9±11.6
Gender (female)205 (74.5)
Body mass index, kg/m219.4±2.8
Smoking status (never)219 (79.6)
Chronic microorganism co-infection124 (45.1)
Intermittent microorganism co-infection41 (14.9)
Number of sputum samples, numbers/year
 All patients4.43±2.4
 Patients with chronic co-infection4.51±2.4
 Patients with intermittent co-infection4.54±2.3
Underlying disease
 Bronchiectasis234 (85.1)
 Severe pneumonia (hospitalisation)81 (29.6)
 COPD28 (10.2)
 Asthma24 (8.7)
 History of tuberculosis34 (12.4)
 History of malignant disease57 (20.7)
 Diabetes mellitus26 (9.5)
 Autoimmune disease36 (13.1)
 Rheumatoid arthritis19 (6.9)
 GORD symptom44 (16.1)
 Use of systemic corticosteroids22 (8.0)
 Use of immunosuppressant agent24 (8.7)
 Use of inhaled corticosteroids19 (6.9)
 Infected MAC strain (Mycobacterium avium)208 (75.6)
 Duration of MAC disease, years7.2±7.0
  • Data show either the number (%) of patients or the mean±SD.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; GORD, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease; MAC, M. avium complex.