Table 3

Univariate logistic regression analysis of potential factors associated with a positive diagnosis of endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration for suspected sarcoidosis

OR95% CI
Needle gauge (No 21 vs No 22)2.500.54 to 11.59
Total number of needle passes0.950.65 to 1.38
Total number of needle passes, >5 vs ≤5 passes1.380.13 to 15.03
Number of lymph node stations sampled0.550.18 to 1.73
Number of lymph node stations sampled, >2 vs ≤2 stations0.360.07 to 1.96
Lymph node size, ≥2 vs <2 cm0.570.13 to 2.49
Number of procedures performed, >15 vs ≤15 procedures6.001.24 to 29.07