Table 3

Effects of pulmonary artery perfusion versus no pulmonary perfusion on the secondary outcomes*

p Value
Oral tracheal intubation time †
 Oxygenated blood vs no pulmonary perfusion0.47
 HTK vs no pulmonary perfusion0.10
 Oxygenated blood vs HTK solution0.23
Days alive outside ICU †
 Oxygenated blood vs no pulmonary perfusion0.42
 HTK vs no pulmonary perfusion0.61
 Oxygenated blood vs HTK solution0.92
Days alive outside the hospital †
 Oxygenated blood vs no pulmonary perfusion0.86
 HTK vs no pulmonary perfusion0.99
 Oxygenated blood vs HTK solution0.97
OR (95% CI)p Value
Death at 90 days ‡
 Oxygenated blood vs no pulmonary perfusion0.69 (0.09 to 3.10)0.98
 HTK vs no pulmonary perfusion0.78 (0.01 to 65.37)1.00
 Oxygenated blood vs HTK solution0.47 (0.01 to 9.33)0.96
Patients with one or more serious adverse events ‡
 Oxygenated blood vs no pulmonary perfusion0.79 (0.19 to 3.30)0.75
 HTK vs no pulmonary perfusion0.61 (0.13 to 2.85)0.53
 Oxygenated blood vs HTK solution1.33 (0.27 to 6.53)0.73
  • *Analysis of the intention-to-treat population.

  • †Van Elteren test.

  • ‡Exact logistic regression adjusted for stratification variable.

  • HTK, histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate; ICU, intensive care unit; ITT, intension to treat.