Table 3

Univariate analysis to detect the risk of shorter distance of 6MWT

OR95% CIp Value
Age, per 1SD increase1.760.86 to 4.030.1237
BMI, per 1SD increase0.700.33 to 1.380.3156
%FEV1, per 1SD increase0.310.10 to 0.750.0064
IC, per 1SD increase0.460.20 to 0.940.0317
LVSV, per 1SD increase0.150.03 to 0.450.0002
  • 6MWT, 6 min walk test; BMI, body mass index; %FEV1, per cent predicted FEV1; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; IC, inspiratory capacity; LVSV, left ventricular stroke volume.