Table 2

Change in lung function and heart rate on and off β blockers in the whole group of 38 participants

Lung function or heart rate measurementChangep Value
FEV1 (L)−0.10 (0.23)0.01
FEV1 (% predicted)−2.8 (5.9)<0.01
FVC (L)−0.10 (0.28)0.98
FVC (% predicted)−0.8 (6.7)0.45
FEV1/FVC−0.01 (0.05)0.12
RV/TLC (% pred.)−0.8 (9)0.63
Raw (kPa/s/L)0.15 (0.67)0.17
sGaw (kPa/s)0 (0.03)0.73
sRaw (kPa/s)0.91 (1.89)<0.01
Resting IC (L)−0.01 (0.79)0.96
Change in IC (L)—dynamic hyperinflation−0.03 (0.29)0.5
Heart rate (bpm)−18 (19)<0.01
  • FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity; IC, inspiratory capacity; Raw, airway resistance; RV, residual volume; sGaw, specific airway conductance; sRaw, specific airway resistance; TLC, total lung capacity.