Table 2

Survey responses regarding the likelihood of using devices for varying clinical patterns of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

COPD clinical patternHow often would you consider the use of an adjunct device to help sputum clearance in the following situation? For this question, assume that the person has been taught active cycle of breathing techniques (%)
Daily difficult to clear thick sputum0.95.420.738.734.2
Sputum throughout the day but able to clear it20.737.827.98.15.4
Morning sputum only12.637.838.77.23.6
Sputum only with exacerbations (0–1 exacerbations/year)33.350.511.72.71.8
Sputum only with exacerbations (2–3 exacerbations/year)8.129.745.115.31.8
Sputum only with exacerbations (>4 exacerbations/year)3.619.841.422.512.6