Table 1

Description of the 10-item ad hoc questionnaire to assess the impact of asthma on daily living activities completed by patients and physicians

ItemsScores (from 0=no impact to 10=severe impact)
1. Having independence in self-care (personal hygiene/grooming, dressing/undressing, eating, etc)
2. Doing housework (cleaning including floors, making beds, etc)
3. Performing other normal daily activities (regular commitments, going out, hobbies, exercise, etc)
4. Performing sporadic leisure time activities (travelling, cinema/theatre, sports, other hobbies, etc)
5. Carrying out usual work tasks
6. Maintaining normal social relationships
7. Maintaining normal family relationships
8. Having an active sexual life (frequency of relations and satisfaction)
9. Economic burden of the disease on the family
10. Health-related quality of life