Table 2

Stroke patient group details

Stroke severity on day of testing (National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale score, most severely impaired score 42)Median (IQR)4 (2 to 6)
Range0 to 21
Stroke lesion in left or right brain?18 left brain
9 right brain
Proportion left brain0.67
Thrombolysed with alteplase?17 thrombolysed
10 not thrombolysed
Proportion thrombolysed0.63
Number of days post stroke when testedMedian (IQR) in days3 (2 to 6)
Range in days1 to 14
Total length of stay in hospitalMedian (IQR) in days9 (3 to 27)
Range in days2 to 78
  • For further explanation of the NIHSS see supplementary file 1.