Table 1

Quality Standards Working Group members

NameTo represent:Location
Professor David BaldwinCo-chairRespiratory medicine, Nottingham
Dr Matthew CallisterCo-chairRespiratory medicine, Leeds
Dr Ian WoolhouseRCP London representativeRespiratory medicine, Birmingham
Professor Fergus GleesonRCR representativeRadiology, Oxford
Dr Kevin FranksClinical oncology, Leeds
Dr Paul CanePathology, London
Jeanette DraffanNational Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses representativeMacmillan Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist, North Tees & Hartlepool
Mr David WallerSCTS representativeSurgery, London
Dr Richard GrahamBNMS representativeRadiology, Bath
Dr Ahsan AkramRespiratory medicine, Edinburgh
Dr Puneet MalhotraRespiratory medicine, St Helens and Knowsley
Dr Manil SubesingheRadiology, London
Dr Philip PearsonBTS Quality Improvement Committee representativeRespiratory medicine, Northampton
  • BNMS, British Nuclear Medicine Society; BTS, British Thoracic Society; RCP, Royal College of Physicians; RCR, Royal College of Radiologists; SCTS, Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons.