Table 6

Association of maximum exercise capacity and SHS exposure

VariableVO2max (mL/min)
PE±SEMP values
Cabin SHS exposure (years)−7±4 0.040
Childhood home SHS exposure−6±630.930
Adult home SHS exposure−16±660.805
Non-airline occupational SHS exposure91±600.134
Other SHS exposure*−29±670.661
Age−10±4 0.008
Sex−448±144 0.002
  • The association of maximum exercise capacity (VO2max) with SHS was estimated using the regression analyses with adjustment for age, sex, height and weight on the regression model: Work=β01(age)+β2(height)+β3(weight)+β4(sex)+β5(cabin SHS)+β6(non-cabin SHS). SHS exposures were included as dichotomous variable except for cabin SHS exposure.

  • *Other SHS exposure was defined as non-aircraft cabin SHS exposure outside the work or home environment such as in recreational public places. n=127. Significant p-values are shown in bold. 

  • PE±SEM, parameter estimate±SEM; r2, model fit; SHS, secondhand tobacco smoke; VO2max, maximum oxygen uptake.