Table 8

Detailed patient characteristics and bronchoscopy findings of patients with clinically relevant second lesions (severe dysplasia or worse at second, anatomical separate location)

Patient codeAgeSexImaging-based cTNMTarget tumour location/VG/VPPathology target tumourSecond lesion location/VG/VPPathology outcome second lesionThird lesion location/VG/VPPathology outcome third lesionInitial treatment target tumourAdditional or altered treatment; effect on cTNM
Nij1067mcT2aN1M0RB9/t/aeSqCCLC1/s/dLGSDCLobectomy RLL: pT2a pN1 cM0 SqCCLocal endobronchial resection+follow-up
Nij1263mcT2bN2M1bRB2/t/ sACRC1/a/ sACChemotherapyNone (proven distant bone metastasis); upstaging to cT3
Nij1358mcT2aN1M1bLB1/t/ sACLB4/a/ sACChemotherapyNone (proven distant bone metastasis); upstaging to cT3
Nij1772mcT3N0M0RIB/t/aeSqCCLC2/a/dSevere dysplasiaRadiotherapy right-sided tumourLocal treatment LC2+follow-up
Nij2854fcT3N2M1bRB8/n/xACRC1/t/aeACLMB/s/dACChemotherapyNone (LAG metastasis proven with EUSb); upstaging to cT4 and cM1a
Nij5473mcT3N2M1aRB8/t/dACRC1/s/aeACChemotherapyNone (pleural metastases proven); upstaging to cT4
Nij7961mcT4N3M1bRB2/t/ dACLMB/t/ dACTr/t/ dACChemotherapyNone (lung, brain and bone metastases); upstaging cT4 (central) and cM1a (contralateral)>M1b proof no longer required
Rav657mcT2aN2M1aLB2/t/aSqCCLMB/a/ sCISChemotherapyNone (pleural metastasis proven)
Rav766mcT3N2M0RB1/t/aeSqCCRIB/a/aeSqCCChemoradiotherapyNone (N2 disease proven); upstaging to cT4
  • Imaging-based cTNM indicates stage based on imaging available before the bronchoscopy (TNM V.7).

  • n = 11  lesions  in  n = 9  patients, that is, 21,6%  of a total of 51 secondary lesions detected in  8.45%  of the total of 107  patient s  with lung cancer.

  • Nij10: case report published, see ref.18

  • Visual grade (VG):  a, abnormal; n, normal; s, suspicious; t, tumour.

  • Vascular pattern (VP): ae, abrupt ending; d, dotted; s, spiral/tortuous; x, missing.

  • AC, adenocarcinoma; LB4, left bronchial segment 4; LC1, left carina 1; LC2, left carina 2; LCNEC, large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma; LCNOS, large cell not otherwise classified; LGSDC, low-grade salivary duct cell carcinoma; LMB, left main stem bronchus; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; RC1, right carina 1; RIB, right bronchus intermedius; RMB, right main stem bronchus; SCLC, small cell lung cancer; SqCC, squamous cell carcinoma; TNM, tumour, node, metastases; Tr, trachea.