Table 1

Internal consistency and score distribution for each patient-reported outcome obtained on day 1 (on admission day due to acute exacerbation of COPD)

Patient-reported outcomesPossible score rangeItems (n)Cronbach’s alpha coefficientScore distribution
MeanSDMedianMaximumMinimumFloor effect (%)Ceiling effect (%)
EXACT total score0–100140.8950.512.452.
 Breathlessness domain score0–10050.9354.724.956.
 Cough and sputum domain score0–10020.6538.821.839.
 Chest symptoms domain score0–10030.6448.
CAT score0–4080.8524.48.525.
SGRQ total score0–100500.9355.119.857.
 SGRQ symptoms0–10080.7866.720.865.8100.
 SGRQ activity0–100160.8967.725.979.2100.
 SGRQ impact0–100260.8744.
Hyland Scale score0–1001NA42.620.750.
D-12 total score0–36120.9710.
 D-12 physical score0–2170.957.
 D-12 affective score0–1550.973.
  • CAT, COPD Assessment Test; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; D-12, Dyspnoea-12; EXACT, Exacerbations of Chronic Pulmonary Disease Tool; SGRQ, StGeorge’s Respiratory Questionnaire.