Table 1

Minimum temperature (°C) of the lung tissue in freezing phase of experimental cryoablation according to the approach of a cryoprobe and according to distance from a point of the probe

Distance between probe points and thermocouplesTransbronchial approachTranspleural approach
Perforation of a conducting bronchus with a cryoprobe
~18 mm−10.3±3.713.3±14.5*−13.5±5.7
~12 mm−44.3±3.38.8±16.7*−40.9±12.9
~6 mm−56.4±4.9−9.19±2.7*−71.2±6.4
0 mm−77.9±5.9−32.7±1.7*−100.0±1.3
  • Values are means±SD (n=3) in each measurement.

  • *P<0.05 vs the other groups (Fisher’s PLSD test).

  • PLSD, Protected Least Significant Difference.