Table 2

Schedule of study visits and evaluations

ActivityDay 1: Screening and enrolmentDay 2*Day 6*Day 14†Day 30 (phone)†Unscheduled visit
Assess eligibility
Obtain informed consent
Assign participant identification number
Collect/update locator information
Collect sociodemographic information
Collect information on environmental exposures
Collect vaccination history
Collect/update medical history
Assess for general and respiratory danger signs
Respondent assessment of current symptoms
Clinician assessment of current symptoms
Collect vital signs
Perform targeted physical examination
Collect/update concomitant medications/antibiotics
Collect/update hospitalisation log
Perform chest X-ray
Perform lung ultrasound
Collect respiratory specimens
Collect blood sample
Refer to clinical care (as needed)
Schedule next visit
End of study questions
  • *Window: +24 hours.

  • †Window: +/-72 hours days.