Table 5

The role of the healthcare professional: subthemes and direct quotations

Role of the healthcare professional
4.1 Previous experience ‘when I had that couple of sessions with the counsellor that time I actually brought it up, and I thought the counsellor was going to run out of the room screaming!’ (ID9/F/47)
4.2 A taboo topic ‘No one EVER has even asked me how this affects me never! Ever…not even my GP … I think that’s a taboo area?’ (ID3/M/53).
4.3 The ideal scenario ‘Not when you're ill, because …you just want to get out and get home, but like in a routine appointment. I think …the specialist nurses are more close to you than the GP or even the consultant, you know…they see you more regular and you're comfortable with them’ (ID5/F/32)