Table 2

Minimal clinically important difference of KBILD (logit scores version)

MCID anchorMean MCID (range)
GRCQFVC 7%–12%1 SEMES 0.3
KBILD Psychological5.3 (17.8)7.4 (5.6)5.85.86 (5–7)
KBILD Breathlessness and Activities8.3 (18.3)6.9 (12.0)6.96.17 (6–8)
KBILD Chest11.2 (19.4)13.7 (21.5)12.37.111 (7–14)
KBILD Total6.7 (13.2)6.1 (7.0)3.84.75 (4–7)
  • All data are mean (SD) (apart from mean MCID (range)). Positive and negative changes in each GRCQ and FVC category are grouped together.

  • ES, effect size; GRCQ, Global Rating of Change Questionnaire; KBILD, King’s Brief Interstitial Lung Disease Questionnaire; MCID, minimal clinically important difference; SEM, standard error of baseline measurement.