Table 3

Patient actions during COPD exacerbations

ActionN (%)
First action taken by patients (from all events, n=81)
Initiate Action Plan medication43 (53.1)
Contact nurse case manager directly14 (17.3)
ER visit11 (13.6)
Physician or walk-in clinic3 (3.7)
Initiate Action Plan medication+contact case manager3 (3.7)
Initiate Action Plan medication+contact telesystem3 (3.7)
Contact telesystem2 (2.5)
Contact telesystem+contact case manager directly1 (1.2)
Contact telesystem+contact case manager+ER1 (1.2)
Actions taken by patients within 3 days of exacerbation start (from events in which patients adhered to Action Plan, n=65)
Initiate Action Plan medication30 (46.2)
Initiate Action Plan medication+contact case manager7 (10.8)
Initiate Action Plan medication+contact telesystem7 (10.8)
Contact nurse case manager directly6 (9.2)
ER visit4 (6.2)
Contact telesystem+contact case manager+ER3 (4.62)
Contact case manager+ER2 (3.1)
Physician or walk-in clinic2 (3.1)
Initiate Action Plan medication+telesystem+ER1 (1.5)
Contact telesystem1 (1.5)
Contact telesystem+ER1 (1.5)
Initiate Action Plan medication+ER1 (1.5)
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ER, emergency room.