Table 5

Histotype, management and outcomes of patients with endobronchial malignancies

Tumour type and stagePatient totals n=21 (%)Management/outcomes
Squamous cell carcinoma n=10 (47%)Stage III B2 (9)Chemoradiation2
Stage IV8 (38)Chemotherapy and EB stent1
Palliative chemotherapy1
Inpatient deaths4
Adenocarcinoma n=8 (38%)Stage IA1 (5)LUL wedge resection1
Stage IIIB1 (5)Inpatient death1
Stage IV6 (29)Palliative chemotherapy3
Inpatient death1
Small cell carcinoma n=3 (14%)Extensive3 (14)Inpatient deaths3
  • EB, endobronchial; LUL, left upper lobe.