Table 2

Patient-reported outcomes at baseline in 182 outpatients with cardiorespiratory disease

Patient-reported outcomeNon-missing observations, nValue
Multidimensional Dyspnea Profile
 Total score15940.3±26.5
 Immediate perception16324.3±14.9
 Emotional response17616.0±13.5
 A1 unpleasantness score1764.94±2.53
 Muscle work or effort, % present (% best match)17446.2% (8.8%)
 Air hunger, % present (% best match)17557.1% (30.8%)
 Chest tightness or constriction, % present (% best match)17650.0% (22.0%)
 Mental effort or concentration, % present (% best match)17234.6% (5.5%)
 Breathing a lot, % present (% best match)17359.3% (17.6%)
 07 (3.8%)
 148 (26.4%)
 237 (20.3%)
 333 (18.1%)
 457 (31.3%)
CAT total17720.0±7.8
EQ-5D-5L total1810.61±0.27
EQ-5D-5L perceived health, 0–100 VAS18251.6±22.7
  • Data are presented as mean±SD or frequency (percentage) unless otherwise specified. The sensory quality that matched best was missing for 28 (15.4%) patients.

  • CAT, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Assessment Test; EQ-5D-5L, EuroQol Five Dimensions–Five Levels; FACIT, Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy; HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; mMRC, modified Medical Research Council Breathlessness Scale.