Table 1

Confirmatory factor analysis of the Swedish Dyspnoea-12

All patients
Patients with COPD
Patients with non-COPD
Items physical subdomain
 My breath does not go in all the way0.4870.0960.3250.1690.5440.073
 My breathing requires more work0.7270.3730.8000.3410.6960.396
 I feel short of breath0.7170.2830.7990.1910.6670.339
 I have difficulty catching my breath0.7490.2670.7370.1220.7510.316
 I cannot get enough air0.7720.3010.6810.2720.7940.318
 My breathing is uncomfortable0.7140.4120.6700.4960.7330.384
 My breathing is exhausting0.6670.5210.6490.5530.6720.515
Items affective subdomain
 My breathing makes me feel depressed0.4870.0960.3250.1690.5440.073
 My breathing makes me feel miserable0.2460.8430.2430.8770.2360.840
 My breathing is distressing0.5060.6550.5510.6020.4840.678
 My breathing makes me agitated0.4500.6970.5270.7200.4180.699
 My breathing is irritating0.7030.4840.6980.4640.6980.495
  • Confirmatory factor analysis of the proposed two-factor model of the Swedish version of the Dyspnoea-12, in the main population and subpopulations with COPD and non-COPD.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.