Table 1

British Lung Foundation COPD Patient Passport responses

Yes (%)No (%)Not sure (%)No answer (%)
Q1: My diagnosis of COPD was confirmed with a breathing test called spirometry.81.0% (n=33 845)8.2% (n=3442)10.3% (n=4302)0.4%
Q2: I understand my COPD. My doctor or nurse has explained where to find information, advice and emotional support41.2% (n=17 211)37.5% (n=12 664)20.5% (n=8575)0.8% (n=319)
Q3: I get support to manage my care, and have agreed a written plan with my doctor or nurse about how I will manage my COPD.24.1% (n=10 048)61.4% (n=25 650)13.8% (n=5750)0.8% (321)
Q4: I contact my GP, nurse or pharmacist to get a free influenza vaccination each year. I have also had the one-off pneumonia jab.75.7% (n=32 628)19.2% (n=8005)4.3% (n=1802)0.8% (n=334)
Q5: If I smoke, I am offered support and treatment to stop every time I meet my doctor or nurse about my COPD (n=14 395 after removal of non-smokers).67.2% (n=10 043)21.4% (n=3200)9.3% (n=1387)2.1% (n=310)
Q6: I know the importance of keeping active and eating well.82.5% (n=34 438)6.4% (n=2671)10.3% (n=4315)0.8% (n=345)
Q7: I have discussed pulmonary rehabilitation.33.6% (n=14 012)56.8% (n=23 742)8.8% (n=3693)0.8% (n=322)
Q8: I have received advice about ongoing exercise and nutrition.37.9% (n=15 831)52.7% (n=22 024)8.4% (n=3514)1.0% (n=400)
Q9: I know what all my medicines and inhalers are for and when to take them. I ask my doctor, nurse or pharmacist if I am not sure.78.8% (n=32 915)10.4% (n=4338)9.8% (n=4098)1.0% (n=418)
Q10: My healthcare professional reviews how I use my inhaler at least once a year. I ask my pharmacist if I have questions.58.8% (n=24 572)30.8% (n=12 883)9.4% (n=3913)1.0% (n=401)
Q11: I can spot the signs of a flare-up. This is sometimes called an exacerbation and can be the start of a chest infection.53.0% (n=22 137)24.3% (n=10.147)21.8% (n=9112)0.9 (n=373)
Q12: If I have a flare-up, I know who to contact at any time and what medicines to take. I have these medicines at home.48.1% (n=20 064)35.3% (n=14 742)15.6% (n=6513)1.1% (n=450)
Q13: I see my nurse or doctor at least once a year to review my health, my care and my treatment, and have time to discuss all the points mentioned previously.69.5% (n=29 046)18.0% (n=7496)11.3% (n=4734)1.2% (n=493)
Composite total score (mean percentage positive response)57.9%
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.