Table 2

Data referred to outcome measures of the included studies

Author, yearSample*Pre-BMI
Type of surgery: MMA or MMA±GpPre-AHI
Post-AHI mean±SD
Success rateCure rate
Fairburn et al,17 2007n=2032.24±4.731.74±5.0 (p=0.61)MMA69.2±35.818.6±6.390%50%
Jones et al,18 2010n=2033.9±8.5 (p=0.61)34.7±9.2 (p=0.61)MMA±Gp61.41±19.6 (p>0.01)29.4±19.4 (p>0.01)65%NA
Ronchi et al,19 2013n=15NANAMMA±Gp58.7±16 (p<0.001)8.1±7.8 (p<0.001)100%NA
Bianchi et al,20 2014n=10NANAMMA56.8±16.6 (p<0.005)12.3±5.5 (p<0.005)100%NA
Schendel et al,21 2014n=1028.6NAMMA±Gp42.9±21.25.2±8.3100%NA
Hsieh et al,22 2014n=1622±3.3NAMMA35.7±18.0 (p<0.001)4.8±4.4 (p<0.001)100%NA
Veys et al,23 2017 *n=11NANAMMA±Gp27.7±14.7 (p=0.005)8.5±10 (p=0.005)70%40%
de Ruiter et al,24 2017n=6229 (27–33) (p=0.609)NAMMA52±10 (p=0.515)16±10 (p=0.515)71%NA
  • *In the sample of Veys et al,23 only six pts were assessed out of 11 (pts 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 11).

  • †P values <0.05 were considered as significant (95% CI).

  • AHI, apnoea–hypopnoea index; BMI, body mass index; Gp, genioplasty; MMA, maxillomandibular advancement;NA, not assessed by the authors; pt, patient.