Table 1

Physiological respiratory data at the beginning (T0) and at the end of the study (T3)

TimeT0T3P value
SpO2 (%)98±199±10.99
RR (1/min)95±10100±160.01
VT (mL/kg)6.4±0.64.0±0.70.03
Vmin (mL/kg/min)604±66418±930.12
FRC (mL/kg)20.7±3.018.9±2.80.67
Global strain (%)30.9±4.521.2±6.30.24
  • FRC, Vmin, VT and global strain were obtained from image analysis of µ-CT images. Wilcoxon signed rank test. P≤0.05 is considered significant.

  • µ-CT, micro-CT ; FRC, functional residual capacity; RR, respiratory rate; VT, tidal volume.