Table 3

Cox regression for mortality and COPD exacerbation for LIVE Score with age in 2013 adjustment

(A) Cox regression for 4-year mortality(B) Cox regression for next COPD exacerbation
Predictor variablesHR95% CI for HRP valuePredictor variablesHR95% CI for HRP value
LIVE in 2013, 5 (ref)<0.001LIVE in 2013, 5 (ref)<0.001
LIVE in 2013, 113.8511.416.83<0.001LIVE in 2013, 14.864.125.66<0.001
LIVE in 2013, 29.257.8610.89<0.001LIVE in 2013, 24.854.365.4<0.001
LIVE in 2013, 35.054.425.78<0.001LIVE in 2013, 32.722.522.93<0.001
LIVE in 2013, 42.812.463.21<0.001LIVE in 2013, 41.771.651.91<0.001
Age in 20131.061.061.06<0.001Age in 20131.021.021.03<0.001
  • HRs and CIs for Cox regressions for 4-year mortality and next COPD exacerbation are shown. In this Cox regression analysis, LIVE Score in 2013 was the predictor and age in 2013 was a covariate. LIVE Scores 1, 2, 3 and 4 represented a significant increase in HR for the event of interest (4-year mortality or time to next exacerbation) while adjusting for age. These regression results indicate that the LIVE Score predicts mortality and exacerbation risk independent of age.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; LIVE, Laboratory-based Intermountain Validated Exacerbation.