Table 4

Representative quotes for theme 4. Increased time for patient focused care

Quotes 1That’s helpful, because in … another unit [where] I’ve worked before, people would phone up and say, ‘My machine’s gone wrong’, but actually you wouldn’t know [why), and you’d have to say, ‘Press this button, read what it says on the screen …’ So, I’ve not had that [facility] before. (HCP Focus Group 3)
We're not having to bring them back as frequently, because we're able to see that everything is okay. We're not bringing people back. You know, they're all quite sick patients really, the fact that they're on home ventilation. So there would be a tendency to want to keep an eye on them and check on them regularly. And we're not having to do that as frequently as we might have done, historically. (HCP Focus Group 1)
Quotes 2I'm extrapolating slightly, but whenever I do clinics where I've been able to prepare in advance with information about the patients about the tests that I've done, when I've got all that information to hand, it means that the actual clinic visit for the patient, a bit more time to have more patient-focused discussion. You've got more time for speaking, rather than you finding out about compliance and finding out- asking all these questions that you've already prepared in advance. (HCP Focus Group 1)
It’s usually if they’ve rung up and said there’s a problem, then if they’re on the phone we can just ask them to press the button, we can see from the last point they’ve worn it, and try and problem solve from there. (HCP Focus Group 3)
Quotes 3Yes, because when they first brought it in it did seem like it would reduce the workload because, obviously, you’d just wait and firefight, so wait for a phone call to come in and then sort it. Whereas now, you’re getting all the information in and you’ve got to flag up alarms, and if you’re monitoring them then you can say that, technically, it does create extra work. (HCP Focus Group 3)
So I think overall it's time saving. There are some patients where it's more time consuming, because we're checking on them more regularly or they're being problematic. But if you took the cohort as a whole, I think it's more time efficient. (HCP Focus Group 1)