Table 5

Representative quotes for theme 5. Confidence: can be improved with technology

Quotes 1Interviewer: Do you feel safer? Or more comfortable or confident about it?
Patient F: Well I feel confident and safer that somebody knows what’s going on, and how I’m progressing. So when I go to the clinic, the consultant, you know, takes me to the room, that the lady has everything, and she deals with me. If anything is going wrong and she will tell him.
Interviewer: What about feeling safer, or more confident?
Patient Q: Well I feel safer because if there’s something wrong, it’s flagged up at the hospital.
Carer 3: Yes, because I just know, especially if there was to be any problem with his breathing, I know that the hospital is aware of it at the same time as me probably. Or if there was a problem that I couldn't pick up, it would certainly pick up on the modem, and they would phone us and say it needs altering or whatever. That makes me feel far more confident.
Quotes 2Carer 2: We can see the difference now, because when she was using the old one she was [retaining] carbon dioxide, which means maybe the settings - even though the settings were done—it's different now, the new one now, they did the settings and the carbon dioxide level is quite low, compared with the other one, the first one. So that's why they changed it to say this one is more powerful, and it can adjust to her breathing rhythm, so that it's not too difficult for her.
Interviewer: Yes. Okay. So your health, you think it's deteriorated a little bit. I'm just wondering whether you attribute that to the new modem, or do you think that would have happened anyway?
Patient B: I think it would have happened anyway.
Interviewer: Well that’s very good. And would you say that improvement in your health is connected to the way that they can monitor your usage of the machine?
Patient F: Yes, because there’s no other way they could have done it. With one in my nose that I use in the day, they can’t monitor that. And I’m only on half a litre, so that goes right through the night, and I think it’s quite good. I feel good, because I dropped off to sleep very quick’.