Table 2

Representative quotes for theme 2. Sanctions

Quotes 1We’ll give patients an opportunity and we'll review them, if they're not compliant … we'll give them a chance to change that. But if they're persistently not compliant … then we're able to have that conversation with them about … about risks and benefits and they've not been compliant and say, ‘We're going to retrieve the machine’ and discharge them from our care. (HCP Focus Group 1)
We say to them, ‘Okay, we're going to give you six weeks to demonstrate to us whether you can use it or not’. So it gives them more opportunity, we're able to offer it to more patients, than we maybe would have otherwise, which I think is a good thing. It makes it more equitable care. (HCP Focus Group 1)
It allows you to have a much more open conversation, doesn’t it? You can say, ‘If you don’t improve your compliance by the next time I see you we’re going to take the machine away’, and they know that you’ve set out what’s going to happen. (HCP Focus Group 3)