Table 1

Representative quotes for theme 1. Surveillance: a paradox of findings

Quotes 1A lot of them do say, ‘You've been spying on me’. I had one, ‘What does your spy report today?’ So they probably feel—I think they're more aware that you're keeping tabs on them. It might improve their compliance, but it might make them resent you slightly, I don't know. (HCP Focus Group 1)
Quotes 2I think it’s about the terminology that you use with the patient. I’ve had a couple where they think that I can hear and I can see what’s going on in their bedroom and then you have to explain to them, no, I can't hear and I can't see. (HCP Focus Group 2)
Quotes 3Interviewer: Okay, so how do you feel about the fact that it’s being monitored remotely? Is that something that you think about at all?
Patient D: None at all. None at all, none at all. I have had friends seeing the graphs, when I visit the Royal [Free Hospital]. It doesn’t really bother me at all.
Interviewer: Okay. You’ve never felt that it’s intrusive, that they are monitoring you?
Patient E: No, not at all.
Interviewer: Right. And how do you feel about the hospital being able to record the information?
Patient F: Well, it doesn’t bother me at all dear, I’m glad I have somebody to ask how I’m getting on.
Patient A: I take no notice.
Patient C: I don’t even think about it.
Patient E: They are keeping an eye on me.
Interviewer: Are you happy that the machine is monitoring you? Do you feel safer or do you feel like you’re being watched?
Patient G: I didn’t feel anything at all because when I go through the consultant, she will be able to tell me what … is going on and everything and it works out fine. Twice, at least, I have seen her and she said it’s perfectly fine.