Table 1

Terms used simultaneously by the three groups of observers in cases of correct and incorrect rating

Sound sampleCorrect ratingIncorrect rating
Descriptive termNumber of occasionsDescriptive termNumber of occasions
#1 Normal breath soundNormal sound3Crepitation9
Vesicular sound2Crackles2
Bronchial breathing4
#2 WheezesWheezes24Stridor1
#3 CracklesCrackles2Bronchial breathing3
Crepitation9Normal sound2
#4 StridorStridor26Wheezes1
#5 Pleural friction rubPleural rub1Crackles6
  • There were 70 instances of three-group agreement on correct terms and 37 on incorrect terms. Most cases of correct agreement were observed for the musical adventitious sounds namely wheezes and stridor (50 occasions in total). Most cases of three-group agreement on incorrect terms were observed for the normal breath sound (15 occasions) and the pleural friction rub (15 occasions).