Table 1

Basal values for haemodynamic and blood sample parameters

Rat RBC (n=5)Low-P50 HbV (n=8)HbV (n=5)HSA (n=8)
Body weight (g)306±82356±64317±28318±24
Haematocrit (%)33.2±2.134.7±2.833.9±1.635.6±3.3
Haemoglobin (g/L)112±9117±10113±6123±15
MAP (mm Hg)83±1192±1478±1388±8
HR (beats/min)230±34235±24240±14271±15
PaO2 (Torr)63.2±5.961.9±7.966.8±11.560.5±6.5
PaCO2 (Torr)45.2±4.243.7±5.242.9±1.541.6±8.7
BE (mmol/L)−0.6±2.30.3±2.7−2.0±1.4−0.5±2.4
sO2 (%)90.2±3.089.9±4.391.0±3.789.8±3.5
CaO2 (mL/dL)13.7±1.114.3±1.114.0±0.915.0±1.5
Lactate (mmol/L)0.30±0.280.25±0.310.19±0.260.50±0.36
Renal cortical PtO2 (mm Hg)26.4±2.327.1±2.227.4±1.527.4±2.1
  • BE, base excess; CaO2, arterial oxygen content; HbV, haemoglobin vesicle; low-P50 HbV, haemoglobin vesicle with high oxygen affinity; HR, heart rate; HSA, human serum albumin; MAP, mean arterial pressure; PaCO2, partial pressure arterial carbon dioxide; PtO2, partial pressure of tissue oxygen; RBC, red blood cell; sO2, arterial oxygen saturation.