Table 1

Clinical data (Part A contains data of patients donating solid tumours, while part B contains a list of samples obtained from pleural effusions)

Sample numberMutationsDiagnosisTNMInterventionDate of samplingClinical therapyIn vitroType of treatmentBeginning of therapyEnd of therapyTreatment before/after samplingRECISTRECIST datePD-L1
A. Patient data of solid tumours
Solid tumors
 1KRASNSCLC-Adenocc.pT1bpN1MxComplete tumour resection27 October 2015Observation27 October 201522 May 2017AfterPD29 March 2017>50% (Positive)
pT1bN3M1aCisplatin + pemetrexedTestedPalliative23 May 201709 August 2017AfterSD25 August 2017
T3N3M1cPemetrexed monoTestedPalliative17 October 201728 November 2017AfterPD14 December 2017
 2WTNSCLC-Adenocc.pT2aN1MxComplete tumour resection01 December 2015Cisplatin + vinorelbineTestedAdjuvant06 January 201624 June 2016AfterSDNegative
 3KRASNSCLC-Adenocc.pT3pN2MxComplete tumour resection28 April 2016Observation29 April 201629 June 2016AfterPD26 May 2016Negative
pT3pN2M1aCisplatin + pemetrexedTestedPalliative30 June 201630 June 2016AfterPD05 July 2016
 4KRASNSCLC-Adenocc.pT3N0M1bComplete tumour resection03 May 2016Cisplatin + gemcitabineTestedAdjuvant07 July 201608 August 2016AfterSD06 September 2017Negative
 5KRASNSCLC-Adenocc.pT3aN1MxComplete tumour resection26 June 2016Cisplatin + vinorelbineTestedAdjuvant08 August 201630 September 2016AfterSD27 April 2017Negative
 6KRASNSCLC-Adenocc.pT2apN2M1cComplete tumour resection12 September 2016Carboplatin + gemcitabineTestedAdjuvant12 October 201607 December 2016AfterPD24 January 2017<1% (Negative)
 7KRASNSCLC - Adeno ccpT2pN1MxComplete tumour resection05 December 2016Cisplatin+pemetrexedTestedAdjuvant21 February 201703 May 2017AfterSD23 May 2017
 8NSCLC - Adeno ccpT2apNxMxComplete tumour resection05 January 2017Carboplatin – paclitaxelTestedAdjuvant28 March 201715 June 2017AfterSD20 July 2017
 9KRASNSCLC - Adeno ccpT2pN1MxComplete tumour resection14 December 2015Cisplatin + vinorelbineTestedAdjuvant18 February 201608 April 2016SD08 July 2016
 10EGFRNSCLC - Adeno ccpT2apN2MxComplete tumour resection19 December 2016Cisplatin + vinorelbineTestedAdjuvant09 February 201702 March 2017AfterSD20 March 2017
pT2apN2MxErlotinib monoTestedPalliative18 October 201713 August 2018AfterPD13 August 2018
B. Patient data of pleural effusion donors
Pleural effusions
 1EGFRNSCLC - Adeno ccT3NxM1bThoracic aspiration20 February 2017GefitinibTestedPalliative04 February 201514 June 2017DuringPD14 June 2017Negative
 2KRASNSCLC - Adeno ccT2aN2M1aThoracic aspiration06 May 2017Cisplatin + pemetrexedTestedPalliative20 May 201628 July 2017AfterSD04 August 2016Negative
T2aN2M1aPemetrexed monoTestedPalliative19 September 201603 November 2016AfterPD17 November2016
 3EGFRNSCLC - Adeno ccT4N2M1Thoracic aspiration25 February 2016Erlotinib monoTestedPalliative26 January 201628 July 2016BeforePD13 July 2017Negative
T4N2M1Osimertinib-Palliative31 August 201630 June 2017AfterPD01 August 2017
T4N2M1Carboplatin + paclitaxelTestedPalliative09 August 201730 August 2017AfterPD18 September 2017
T4N3M1cPemetrexed monoTestedPalliative11 October 201705 January 2018AfterPD25 January 2018
 4WTNSCLC - Adeno ccT2aN2M1aThoracic aspiration27 July 2016Carboplatin + paclitaxelTestedPalliative15 June 201626 August 2016DuringPD08 September 2016Negative
T4N3M1bErlotinib monoTestedPalliative04 October 201612 December 2016AfterPD12 December 2016
  • The information ranges from the actual method of obtaining the sample, mutation analysis, diagnosis, staging (TNM=tumour, node, metastasis status) of the disease and applied treatment or treatments and clinical responses.

  • EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; KRAS, Kirsten rat sarcoma 2 viral oncogene homolog; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; PD, progressive disease; PD-L1, programmed death ligand-1; RECIST, Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumours; SD, stable disease.