Table 5

Gas transfer equipment specification by sampling method

System typeRequired specification
Rapid gas analyser systemsDiscrete sample systems
Analyser specification
0%–90% response time
150 msN/A
Maximum non-linearity±1% of full scale±1% of full scale
AccuracyWithin ±1% of full scaleWithin ±1% of full scale
Interference from 5% CO2
or water vapour
<10 ppm error in CO<10 ppm error in CO
Drift for carbon monoxide<10 ppm over 30 s<10 ppm over 30 s
Drift for tracer gas<0.5% of full scale over 30 s<0.5% of full scale over 30 s
Flow accuracy±2% over the flow range −10 to 10 L/s±2% over the flow range −10 to 10 L/s
Volume accuracy (3 L syringe)Within ±75 mLWithin ±75 mL
Barometric pressure sensor accuracyWithin ±2.5%N/A
Ability to perform a QA checkCalculate (Alveolar Volume) VA of 3±0.3 L and TLco of <0.166 mmol/min/kPaCalculate VA of 3±0.3 L and TLco of <0.166 mmol/min/kPa
Circuit resistance<1.5 cmH2O/L/s<1.5 cmH2O/L/s
Equipment dead spaceKnown and <200 mLKnown and <200 mL
LeakNo leakNo leak
  • Adapted from Graham et al.7

  • CO2, carbon dioxide; CO, carbon monoxide; N/A, not available; ppm, parts per million; QA, quality assurance; TLco, carbon monoxide transfer factor; VA, Alveolar Volume.