Table 5

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) indications**

TDM indication (n=80)N (%)Effects on pharmacokinetics of anti-TB drugs
Diabetes mellitus6 (7.5)Diabetes induced gastroparesis leading to either delayed absorption, malabsorption or altered clearance of anti-TB drugs
Concurrent HIV infection6 (7.5)Reduced exposure of anti-TB drugs
Gastric ulcer1 (1.3)Interference with absorption of anti-TB drugs
Liver cirrhosis1 (1.3)Altered drug metabolism, prolonged effect of parent drug, reduced effect of prodrugs, increase in toxic metabolites
Impaired renal clearance1 (1.25)Over exposure of renally cleared drugs, increased toxicity, require dose reduction
Slow treatment response (n=73)8 (11)Possibly suboptimal exposure of anti-TB drugs due to interindividual variabilities
  • *Indications based on references 16 21.

  • TB, tuberculosis.