Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of included patients (n=98)

Age, years29 (22–40)
Body weight at admission, kg48 (44–58)
Body weight after 8 months of treatment, kg (n=85)56 (47–60)
Gender, male (n=98)56 (57.1)
Comorbidity (n=80)
 HIV6 (7.5)
 Diabetes mellitus6 (7.5)
 Seizure disorder4 (5.0)
 Cardiovascular disease1 (1.3)
 Active hepatitis/cirrhosis1 (1.3)
 Osteoporosis1 (1.3)
 Gastric ulcer1 (1.3)
Diagnosis (n=96)
 Sputum92 (95.8)
 Others (pleural fluid, lymph node aspirate)4 (4.2)
Radiographic findings (n=83)
 Cavitary lesions7 (8.4)
 Bilateral pulmonary involvement with cavitary lesions10 (12.1)
 Bilateral pulmonary involvement without cavitary lesions31 (37.4)
 Non-cavitary non-bilateral pulmonary involvement33 (39.8)
 Normal chest finding2 (2.4)
Drug resistance, phenotypic testing
 Streptomycin (n=14)13 (92.9)
 Isoniazid (n=24)24 (100)
 Rifampicin (n=88)88 (100)
 Ethambutol (n=74)39 (52.7)
Drug resistance, genotypic testing
 Isoniazid (n=9), InhA wildtype and katG Mut 19 (100)
 Rifampicin (n=9), rpoB (mutation-3)9 (100)
Ethambutol (n=74), emB-Mut138 (51.4%)
  • Categorical data are expressed in frequencies and percentages whereas continuous variables are presented as median and IQR.