Table 2

Items and costs included within the ENB costing scenarios

InputValue used in modelUpper estimateNotes
Costs of superDimension device for ENB£1103Average of three separate strategies (personal communication, Medtronic):
Dx strategy 1 = £1026
Dx strategy 2 = £1119
Marker insertion = £1094
Cost of running operating room£153£53725 min X £6 per minute (personal communication, Medtronic)
25 min X £21 per minute (personal communication, Medtronic)
Staff time£566Subtotal for: 25 min for medical consultant, operating department practitioner (band 5) and scrub nurse (band 6); 30 min for recovery nurse (band 5); 75 min for anaesthetist (75 min)21
Proportion of procedures under GA0%81.40%12
Drugs—GA£0£24Weighted subtotal according to proportion of procedures under GA (unweighted subtotal £29.87)23
Drugs—sedation£12£2Weighted subtotal according to proportion of procedures under GA (unweighted subtotal = £11.77)23
Consumables£11Includes: 2 suction tubes, 2 20 mL syringe, Green hypo, 100 mL N/saline bag, gallipot, sputum pot, 3 small specimen bottles, long thin endoscopic sucker (personal communication, Medtronic)
Anaesthetic consumables£5Includes: cannula, drip, seven syringes (personal communication, Medtronic)
Tests£13Includes FBC, blood clot test, platelet count, INR and IPT22
  • Note, where applicable costs were inflated to the 2017/2018 cost year using the HCHS index. Cost of device provided by Medtronic, with cost of the operating room and related consumables based on data collected at tertiary London hospital in 2016 (personal communication, Medtronic).

  • ENB, electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy; FBC, full blood count; GA, general anaesthesia; HCHS, Hospital and Community Health Services; INC, international normalised ratio; IPT, immune thrombocytopenia.